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Meet Our Management Team

Solomon Belette
Founder & General Manager
Mehret Seifu
Business Manager
Tabitha Shikuku
Project Management Volunteer
Lisa Raffel
Partnership Advisor
Clifton Mbanugo
Chief Web Technology Director

Meet Our Trustees

Dr. John Apuruot Akec
Vice Chancellor, University of Juba
Dr. Benisa Berry
Berry Mediation and Law
Jodie Hanson-Nortey
Foundation Professional
Alan Koenigsberg
Agile Digital Marketing
Alvin McLean, PhD
Dean of JFKU School of Psychology and Social Sciences, National University
Max Shoka
Technology Professional
Getenesh Thedros Belette
LeaderSpring Center
Professor Paul Ventura
USAFI Consultant and Trainer
Sheldon Williams
President/CEO, EdFu Foundation